CFS Design Tool Improves Slab Performance

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CFS Design Tool Improves Slab Performance

Concrete Slab CalculatorYou would probably assume that I am a strong proponent of utilizing steel fibers for concrete reinforcement, being that I am affiliated with a fiber manufacturer. However, my belief in the supremacy of steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) came long before Concrete Fiber Solutions (CFS) began. Actually, it was my frustration with the slow adoption of SFCR by our industry that motivated me to start CFS. I believe that the perceived complexity of the slab-on-ground formulation has been one of the leading deterrents to SFRC use in the field, and it is now my mission to eliminate this obstacle.

As we know, there are four considerations when designing SOG; thickness, joint spacing, fiber dosage, and serviceability. SFRC provides the best solution to addressing each of these factors, and provides a far superior finished product.

In order to take the confusion out of the design, Concrete Fiber Solutions has developed an on-line design program for our steel fibers. It is free to use and can be accessed here: I invite you to give it a try. The CFS Slab calculator allows you to quickly and easily calculate slab thickness and fiber dosage as well as generate downloadable design documentation for your project. Using the CFS Slab Calculator you can quickly and easily generate designs and specifications for uniform loads, wheeled loads and rack post load.

You will see that it uses proven principles for designing thickness, while addressing serviceability issues. It is these serviceability issues that make SFRC the better product. ACI 360 states “It is important to note that as set forth in ACI 318, slabs-on-ground are not considered structural members. Consequently, cracking, joint instability and surface character problems are considered slab serviceability issues and not relevant to the general integrity of the building structure.” The frequent joints and cracks found in rebar and wire mesh may not take away from the integrity of the structure, but they certainly take away from the aesthetics and usability of the structure, and can lead to significant repair costs. The CFS Design Program takes these serviceability issues into account and gives you a design which provides you with a better finished product.

I am confident that the Concrete Fiber Solutions design program will make SFRC design simple and easy to follow, while simultaneously improving the performance of your slabs and saving money. Please go on and “play” with it, save your projects and compare with your other options, then let me know your thoughts.

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