Specifying Steel Fibers is Easier Now that IBC 2015 has Adopted SDI C-2011

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Specifying Steel Fibers is Easier Now that IBC 2015 has Adopted SDI C-2011

Architects and Engineers uttered a sigh of relief now that the International Building Code 2015 (IBC-2015) has adopted SDI C-2011 allowing the use of steel fibers in place of welded wire fabric to control temperature and shrinkage cracking in composite metal deck applications.

The Steel Deck Institute (SDI) has had standards in place to accommodate steel fibers in composite steel floor deck/slabs for years (ANSI/SDI C-2011). Due to the many advantages that steel fibers offer over traditional wire mesh many designers prefer specifying them over WWF. The advantages include:

• Faster installation and reduced labor costs – a typical fiber reinforced deck can be placed and finished in the time it takes just to place the mesh
• Lower project cost from both a material and labor standpoint
• A safer job-site – no mesh to trip over
• Superior crack control
• Smaller deflections and strains vs a mesh reinforced floor

The fact that IBC 2015 now recognizes and approves the utilization of steel fibers as a commonly accepted standard for steel decks, designers can now specify steel fiber without hesitation or the previously required Engineer’s approval. Project costs will also be minimized since steel fibers are the most cost effective and efficient approach designers can take.

order isotretinoin canada How to Specify Steel Fibers for Composite Metal Deck:
Velingrad Fiber Type: SDI C-2011 allows for Type II (CFS 100-2) and Type V (CFS 150-5) fibers
Marina Dosage: 25 lb./cy

Download the Guide Specification for Steel Fiber Reinforcement in Composite Steel Deck-Slabs

IBC Revision History
SDI C-2011
Advantages of CFS 150-5 fibers over WWF in composite steel decks

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    Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete is not what our firm designs or evaluates every day, or even every year. Thank you for these info articles on the matter which does let us comprehend SFRC issues even if we are not masters on its design.

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