Pristine Concrete Floor Supports 50 Tons of Steel Coils

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Pristine Concrete Floor Supports 50 Tons of Steel Coils

consumedly Arrasate / Mondragón Steel Services Warehouse Addition Now Features 8-Inch Slab with More Than 30,000 Pounds of CFS 100-2 Fibers

neurontin us purchase Latuda 40 mg BUFFALO GROVE, ILL., (May 1, 2020) – Concrete Fiber Solutions (CFS) is proud to announce the completion of a 35,000 square foot flooring installation for Grand Steel at their Wixon, Mich.-based steel services center. CFS partnered with ACS Build, Inc. to install an eight-inch slab floor in the warehouse’s new addition, featuring 35 pounds per cubic yard of CFS 100-2 steel fibers. The use of steel fibers in place of wire mesh or rebar was critical to add increased strength and stability to the warehouse floor, which must support steel coils that weigh 45,000 – 50,000 pounds each and are often stored in stacks of two.

CFS professionals worked closely with ACS Build, Inc. and Grand Steel to ensure the warehouse flooring would not only meet their significant load-bearing needs, but also withstand the intense wear and tear of warehouse equipment. Using fibers distributed evenly throughout the concrete matrix to meet micro cracks where they originate improves the strength and longevity of the concrete slab. “The weight of our coils and the heavy-duty equipment we use to transport them mean our warehouse flooring is really put to the test,” said Jim Barnett, chief executive officer of Grand Steel. “The new floor looks absolutely perfect and it’s comforting to know it’s been designed to withstand our level of use and hold up over time.”

“The concrete fiber industry continues to expand rapidly as engineers and contractors see first-hand the superior performance of fiber-reinforced flooring,” said Mike McPhee, manager of sales and engineering for Concrete Fiber Solutions. “Grand Steel’s intense weight-bearing needs are a prime example of the benefits of fibers and we’re proud to offer them a solution that will serve their needs for years and years to come.”

Manufactured in Chicago, Ill., CFS Fibers are clean, free from rust, oil, and other contaminants and designed to meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM A820. CFS 150-5 fibers are 1.5” long with an aspect ratio of 38 and are deformed per the ASTM A820 specification. These fibers are ideal for composite steel deck applications. CFS also offers 100-2 fibers, which are 1.0” long with an aspect ratio of 43 and are deformed per the ASTM A820 specification. CFS 100-2 fibers are ideal for slab-on-grade applications.

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