Chicago Skyscraper Utilizes Steel Fiber Reinforcing

presumptively CONCRETE FIBER SOLUTIONS, ALONG WITH PRAIRIE MATERIAL AND GOEBEL FORMING, IMPROVE WORKER SAFETY, INSTALLATION EFFICIENCY AND FLOORING QUALITY AT 110 N. WACKER HIGH-RISE BUFFALO GROVE, ILL., (January 21, 2020) – Concrete Fiber Solutions (CFS), along with Prairie Material and Goebel Forming, recently completed a massive flooring installation at the 110 N. Wacker building in Chicago, [...]

Unwelcome Guests -Exposed Steel Fibers at the Floor Surface

http://annedickson.co.uk/awiyor (Click here for a printable version of this article) Some people like steel fibers in their concrete floors, and some people don't. Those who like steel fibers cite different reasons. One person is interested in wide-slab construction, using steel fibers to eliminate joints. Another favors steel fibers over wire mesh because it saves labor and [...]

The Long and Short of It

https://www.kadenze.com/users/buy-prednisone-without-prescription How Steel-Fiber Length and Strength Affect Concrete Floors (Click here for a printable version of this article) Suppose you had to choose between two products, sight unseen. One is said to be long and strong; the other, shorter and not as strong. No further information is provided. Given that choice, you might be tempted to [...]

Steel Fibers and Rebar

(You can click here to download a printable version of this article.) Steel fibers and rebar have some things in common. Both are made of steel. Both are used to reinforce concrete, and both can be found in floor slabs. Because of those common features, it is tempting to think of the two products as [...]

You Say Your Slab is How Thick?

(You can click here to download a printable version of this article.) The designer of a ground-supported, industrial floor has to answer many questions. One question is always on the list: How thick must the concrete slab be to support the intended loads? It's an important question, because getting it wrong can bring severe consequences. If [...]

The Edge is the Enemy

Click here for a printable version of this article. Some people like to live on the edge. They say the most interesting things happen there, and they are right. But there is a catch: not all those interesting things are good. When it comes to ground-supported concrete floor slabs, lots of interesting things happen at [...]

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Noteworthy News from the ACI 302/360 Meetings

It was a very busy schedule at the recently concluded spring ACI convention in Kansas City. The ACI 302/360 meetings offered insight into the future of our industry and I had the opportunity to hear several informative presentations, as well as participate in some great discussions. A lot of information was shared and I’m still [...]