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CFS 100-2 ASTM Type II Concrete Reinforcing Steel Fibers

Būrewāla CFS 100-2 Concrete Reinforcing FibersManufactured in the USA by Concrete Fiber Solutions to meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM A820. The CFS 100-2 fibers are 1.0” long with an aspect ratio of 43 and are deformed per the ASTM A820 specification. These premium steel fibers are clean and free from rust, oil, and other contaminants. CFS 100-2 fibers are ideal for slab-on-grade applications.

CFS 100-2 Steel Fiber Reinforced Slab on Grade

Extended Joint Spacing with No Cracking

Şırnak This CFS 100-2 steel-fiber-reinforced concrete floor has joint spacing of 55 feet and is totally free of visible cracks.

Proactive Reinforcement

Under magnification it is easy to see that micro-cracks emanating from the aggregate are immediately arrested when they encounter CFS steel reinforcing fibers.

Simple to Place and Finish

With no rebar or mesh to set, a slab can be in place faster, saving time and labor. Plus steel-fiber-reinforced slabs can be finished with the same equipment you would use for any other slab

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