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What is CFS ProSlab?

An example of CFS ProSlab Flooring


CFS ProSlab is a slab design that offers flat smooth and virtually curl free floors with fewer joints by using a time tested technology that has proven to be superior to the commonly used slab designs. The industry now refers to this technology as wideslab construction. Wideslab construction is a method of designing and constructing a slab-on-ground in which individual slab panels extend at least 50’ in at least one dimension. Wideslab construction relies on methods other than joints to control cracks and curling. FS ProSlab uses Single Course Installation giving the slab continuity from “top to bottom”. Our floors provide a beautiful, durable finish that meets or exceeds design requirements, and owner’s expectations.


CFS ProSlab History

While many owners, developers and engineers consider wideslab construction a new process, Mike McPhee has been developing and perfecting wideslab design, using steel fiber technology, for decades. It wasn’t until 2015, two years after starting Concrete Fiber Solutions (in partnership with Global Material Technologies), that the term “wideslab” was truly recognized within construction nomenclature. And shortly thereafter, CFS branded Mike’s design concept with the CFS ProSlab name.

The tremendous benefits wideslab floors offer are the solutions that manufacturers with diverse product lines and production needs have been seeking for years. Large food companies such as Pepsi, Frito-Lay, and Goya Foods have installed CFS ProSlab floors because they have significantly less maintenance issues with fewer joints and cracks. And precision companies such as Rolls-Royce, Gulfstream and Woodward find the elimination of cracks and curling in their CFS ProSlab floors to be an integral element needed to achieve the highly calibrated products they produce.

CFS Pro Slab example








  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Super Flat Fmin Slabs
  • Distribution Centers
  • Cold Storage/Freezer Facilities
  • Retail
  • Athletic Facilities


  • Fewer Joints means a smooth ride that your Lift Truck Operators will brag about
  • Lowers overall lifetime maintenance costs; fewer joints mean less wear and tear on fork trucks
  • Time proven slab designs that allow for less problematic installation as compared to traditional floor designs
  • We do not use “magic potions” – we tell you what’s in the mix
  • CFS ProSlab provides owners with confidence that the project will be a SUCCESS
  • We help with Engineering & Design!applications







Why choose CFS ProSlab?

  • Best Quality Assurance Program in the Business
  • Slab Engineering included
  • Review of all plans and specs to get it right the first time
  • Consulting Service provided by both national and local experts
  • Review and adjustment of the mix-design for lowest possible shrinkage based on the local available materials



CFS ProSlab Competitively priced slabs

For the same price as an ACI recommended slab, CFS ProSlab provides a floor that matches any floor in the industry for beauty, durability, toughness, life expectancy and lowest maintenance cost of any competitive design.



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