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ProSlab™ by CFS for Exterior Paving

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Exterior Paving Applications

how to buy antabuse There is often as much or more concrete on the outside of a warehouse/distribution center as there is on the inside.  This square footage is utilized for speed bays, dock aprons, loading pads, and parking.  Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is beneficial in this space as it improves impact resistance, durability, and crack control.

buy ivermectin australia Steel fiber provides three-dimensional reinforcement distributed throughout the concrete section, more efficiently imparting the properties of the steel.  Typical reinforcement is only in one plane and does not provide the efficiency of steel fiber.

Orkney SFRC has been successfully used in other outdoor applications such as highway and airfield pavements, canal linings, parking lots and structures, and athletic facilities.  Lumut To add toughness and durability to your outdoor concrete projects, use CFS steel fibers in the mix.

Project Highlights

“When we took on this project, I was a little hesitant about the use of the CFS 100-2 Steel Fiber in such a high dosage and how it would affect our concrete mix. At the end of the day, I found the CFS Steel Fiber to be very user friendly. The CFS Steel Fiber was easy to add, it distributed within the mix evenly, and we had absolutely no balling of the fiber.” –Dameron Davis, Argos US