Concrete MythBuster #2 – As Slab Thickness Increases So Must the Fiber Dosage

Almonte This myth deals with a common misconception regarding how you determine steel fiber dosage for temperature/shrinkage reinforcement. It is commonly thought that since the amount of mesh must increase as slab thickness increases, the same would be true with fibers – as the slab thickness increases so would the fiber dosage. But this is not [...]

Concrete MythBuster #1 – Type I vs Type II Fiber Performance

http://contextaudio.com/mixes/category/ctxcuts/mixes We live in a society of mass information, where anyone with a computer can publish and share their thoughts with the world. The downside to this rapid finding and sharing of information is that it is easy for misinformation, or flat out wrong information, to be repeated enough to be perceived as fact. From this [...]