Steel Fiber Reinforcement for Slab-on-Grade Applications

CFS 100-2 steel fibers help control random cracks in ground-supported concrete floors. In ordinary jointed floors, steel fibers provide a safety net by limiting the width of any cracks that occur between the joints. In floors with extended joints, steel fibers take on the primary role in preventing visible cracks while allowing monolithic slabs up to 110-ft long.

Campo de la Cruz CFS steel fibers limit the width of any cracks that occur between the joints and to enhance aggregate interlock at the joints playing a role similar to that of wire mesh or light rebar in floor designs with several significant advantages.

  1. Steel fibers are always evenly distributed throughout the floor while wire mesh and rebar often ends up at the wrong elevation as it gets stepped on or knocked out of position during construction.
  2. Steel fiber reinforcement allows for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient jobsite with no wire mesh and rebar to create a trip hazard or interfere with concrete trucks and screeding machines.
  3. Using steel fibers reduces time and labor. Your job can proceed faster by eliminating the time and expense of placing rebar or wire mesh.

Lurasidone At the lower temperatures required in cold storage facilities, typically 35° in the cold dock and -5° in the freezer, joints will open from thermal movement. With joints close together–typical construction of a slab requires joints every 12’ 6”–curling occurs at the joints, causing an impact issue when the forklift wheels hit the edge. This contributes to the degradation of the joint edge and the subsequent cost of filling and fixing the joint, an expense that can add up to more than ten thousand dollars per year. With the Proslab™ concrete floor system, joints are extended up to 120’. There is no curling and therefore no impact on the joint edges.

Food Processing Applications

Anaco The typical construction of a slab requires joints every 12’ 6”, resulting in thousands of feet of joints where bacteria can hide. Within food-handling facilities, the sanitation process at the end of the day often consists of spraying the machines and floors with water at a temperature of 160 degrees. Despite these regular efforts, within the thousands of feet of joints, there is still pathogen growth.

Heidelberg The installation of an extended-joint floor reduces the linear feet of joints by 85%, drastically diminishing the number of possible bacteria infiltration points and simplifying the facility cleaning process.

Exterior Paving Applications

There is often as much or more concrete on the outside of a warehouse/distribution center as there is on the inside.  This square footage is utilized for speed bays, dock aprons, loading pads, and parking.  Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is beneficial in this space as it improves impact resistance, durability, and crack control.

Steel fiber provides three-dimensional reinforcement distributed throughout the concrete section, more efficiently imparting the properties of the steel.  Typical reinforcement is only in one plane and does not provide the efficiency of steel fiber.

SFRC has been successfully used in other outdoor applications such as highway and airfield pavements, canal linings, parking lots and structures, and athletic facilities.  Cadiz To add toughness and durability to your outdoor concrete projects, use CFS steel fibers in the mix.

CFS 100-2 Steel Fiber Reinforced Slab on Grade

Extended-Joint Spacing with No Cracking

This CFS 100-2 steel-fiber-reinforced concrete floor has joint spacing of 55 feet and is totally free of visible cracks.

CFS Fibers - Proactive Reinforcement

Proactive Reinforcement

Under magnification, it is easy to see that micro-cracks emanating from the aggregate are immediately arrested when they encounter CFS steel-reinforcing fibers.

Finishing a steel fiber reinforced slab

Simple to Place and Finish

With no rebar or mesh to set, a floor can be in place faster, saving time and labor. Steel-fiber-reinforced slabs can be finished with the same equipment you’d use for any other slab.

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