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CFS 150-5: ASTM A820 Type V Fiber

CFS 150-5 Concrete Reinforcing FIbersManufactured in the USA by Concrete Fiber Solutions to meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM A820. The CFS 150-5 fibers are 1.5” long with an aspect ratio of 38 and are deformed per the ASTM A820 specification. These premium steel fibers are clean and free from rust, oil, and other contaminants. These fibers are ideal for composite steel deck applications.

Data Sheets and Guide Specification

Download the Composite Steel Deck Application Guide (PDF) and see what makes CFS 150-5 a superior solution for composite steel deck applications.

Advantages of CFS 150-5 Fiber Steel Fiber vs. Macro Synthetic and Welded Wire Mesh

Advantage CFS 150-5 Steel Fibers Macro Synthetic Welded Wire Mesh
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¹ CFS steel fibers are made in U.S.A from 100% recycled material

Composite Steel Deck Ready to Pour

Faster, Easier Installation

With no mesh to position you can shave days and dollars out of your production schedule. This floor is ready to pour.

Composite Steel Deck With Rebar and Mesh

Improved Job Site Safety

One of the leading tripping hazards on deck is the mesh. This hazard is completely eliminated with the use of steel fibers, reducing potential injuries and insurance claims for the concrete contractor and all the trades working on the project.

CFS steel fibers vs. macro synthetic fibers

Superior Crack Control

Compared to macro synthetic fibers, CFS 150-5 fibers provide superior crack control.

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