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ProSlab Series

cheap clindagel ProSlab by CFS is a series of engineered concrete floors utilizing steel fiber reinforcement to reduce cracks and curling, improve lifetime floor performance, and reduce installation and maintenance costs.  The series includes designs for a multitude of applications. ProSlab by CFS is a slab design that offers flat smooth and virtually curl free floors with fewer joints by using a time tested technology that has proven to be superior to the commonly used slab designs. The installation of an extended-joint floor reduces the linear feet of joints by up to 85%, drastically reducing the associated costs of installation and lifetime maintenance.

cytotec no prescription with mastercard At the lower temperatures required in cold storage facilities, typically 35° in the cold dock and -5° in the freezer, joints will open from thermal movement. With joints close together–typical construction of a slab requires joints every 12’ 6”–curling occurs at the joints, causing an impact issue when the forklift wheels hit the edge. This contributes to the degradation of the joint edge and the subsequent cost of filling and fixing the joint, an expense that can add up to more than ten thousand dollars per year. With the Proslab™ concrete floor system, joints are extended up to 120’. There is no curling and therefore no impact on the joint edges.

There is often as much or more concrete on the outside of a warehouse/distribution center as there is on the inside.  This square footage is utilized for speed bays, dock aprons, loading pads, and parking.  Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is beneficial in this space as it improves impact resistance, durability, and crack control.

The use of steel fibers in multi-story applications was made possible by International Building Code 2015 (IBC-2015), adopting SDIC-2011, allowing for the use of steel fibers in place of welded wire fabric to control temperature and shrinkage cracking in composite metal deck applications. Fiber-reinforced concrete can be poured and finished in the time it takes to set wire mesh on deck, and while cranes are required to hoist rebar to each floor, concrete fibers are simply pumped with the concrete, eliminating a major expense.

ProSlab Service

Outstanding projects are the result of innovative solutions, expert workmanship, and best safety practices. Concrete Fiber Solutions approaches each job as an opportunity to remain the industry leader in all three. CFS is a manufacturer of steel fiber for the reinforcement of concrete. The technology of utilizing a discontinuous high tensile strength steel fiber for the reinforcement of concrete has been around since the 60’s. However, it is not until now that the full potential of SFRC application has come to fruition. CFS is at the forefront of that technology. We have been manufacturing steel fiber for decades. Our experienced field and engineering staff helps customers realize the full potential of their project utilizing SFRC. CFS produces two types of steel fiber: CFS 100-2, used in slab-on-grade applications, and CFS 150-5, used in composite metal deck construction and shotcrete applications in the tunneling industry. We manufacture at our state-of-the-art facility in Chicago, Illinois. Let us help you with your next project!

Concrete Fiber Solutions engineers partner with you from project specification to completion.  Consideration for every detail is carefully considered.

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The CFS team has over 20 years’ experience designing steel-fiber-reinforced, extended-joint floors, providing superior engineering, expert installation, and precision manufacturing.


The CFS team provides expertise in every step of the process and will bring new ideas to fiber design, mix design, and construction practices to meet the challenges of the next 20 years.